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Veronika Brusa/ BERENIK (Designer)

Veronika Brusa (born 1983) graduated from The School  of Design at the GBS St. Gallen with a degree in visual arts, communication and design. In her work as an artist, she has explored such mediums such as etching, woodcut printmaking, silkscreen processes, collage and sketching.  While conducting artist residencies in cities such as Warsaw, and living in Buenos Aires, Shanghai, and Paris, the concept of BERENIK as an art-as-brand-brand-as-art was conceived to apply her artistic background to fashion.

The meta concept communicates Brusa’s visual universe through play of textile, print, texture, color and sculptural silhouettes that are all interpreted through her collections. She finds inspiration in unfamiliar surroundings, away from everyday routines and habitual patterns of behavior and freedom in life without restraint. 

Veronika's first collaboration was for BERENIK's Fashion Week New York 2017 show. Upcoming collaborations are this summer: BERENIK's Boutique & Talent House opening this summer, as well as costuming of Flexicurve's new creation Black. Check out and

Olga Mazurkiewicz/ Z Collective
Olga Mazurkiewicz is a content producer whose career has spanned a wide range of production oriented services: video editing for feature length and short films; video production; directing talent for medical conference videos, music videos and video engineering and installation for Cipriani's high-end fundraisers and event production of site specific multimedia performances.

Her first cult mockumentary, Dada Changed My Life, about a group of artists taking over and re-opening the Cabaret Voltaire (birthplace of Dada in Zuerich, Switzerland) has been screened and awarded prizes at numerous festivals around the world including the Raindance Film Festival, the Anthology Film Archives, Theater for the New City, Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, FOC Cinema, the Carmona Film Fest, Visual 03, Cádiz.doc and Eurovideo. It was selected for the M.I.T. media library and used in their teaching curriculum.

She was an editor of Breath Made Visible, a feature-length documentary about a dancer which won the Audience Award at the Mill Valley Film Festival (2008–2009) and was an entry in the pre-nomination list for the Academy Awards (2010). She was also a post production associate on Tea with Strangers, a feature-length documentary on Syria which received the Noor Award at the Arab Film Festival and Special Mention at the Salento Film Festival (2007).

Her other award-winning films and music videos have been presented at Locarno Film Festival, Unembedded Film Festival, Gene Siskel Theater, Lost Film Festival, Voltaje Magazine’s Slam Fest and Bare Bones Film Festival.

For over five years at Asante and Integritas Communications, she was responsible for all video production and post production and has created over 3,000 videos for their entire suite of websites. The videos have been used to secure and fulfill a wide variety of medical education grants from Pfizer, Lilly, TEVA, AstraZeneca and Cephalon among other pharmaceutical companies. More info at For video samples please surf to their Vimeo channel.

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